“Grande Finale”

Tursday 21, May 2015
Finlandia Hall

Senior Bandmaster Elias Seppälä
Helena Juntunen, soprano
Arne Pelkonen, baritone
The Polytech Choir
Lapland Military Band

After a prominent career as someone who has done a great deal for woodwind music and military music, Senior Bandmaster Elias Seppälä is retiring. This will be his farewell concert and includes musicians from many different bands performing symphonic woodwind music together. Bands represented include the Lapland Military Band, the Guards Band as well as the Polytechnic Choir and opera soloists. The programme of the evening includes works by Auli Sallinen, Leevi Madetoja, Toivo Kuulas, Rodio Shchedrin and Peter Tchaikovsky.

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